With lockdown many South Africans have become familiar with “lockdown birthdays” – paired down celebrations enjoyed quietly in your own space with only the closest family present to toast the occasion.
This is exactly how Groot Constantia celebrated its 335th birthday – the official date of which fell on 13 July – the date that the original title deed to the Estate was signed in 1685.

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Groot Constantia Annual Report Board

2019 Integrated Annual Report Groot Constantia

Groot Constantia was positioned as a non-profit company in 1993 to fulfil the very specific role of promoting the South African wine industry and South Africa as a whole. Since then, the Estate has grown in prominence and has leapt forward to fully step into its role over the last five years.

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Groot Constantia spanlede vertoon met trots die Top 100 wen wyne: (van links na regs): Elizabeth George, Boela Gerber, Floricius Beukes, Cobus Wilson en Hansie Warries

Groot Constantia vier 335ste verjaarsdag met voortreflike span-sege

Terwyl dié ikoniese wynplaas 335 jaar van ononderbroke wynproduksie vier, is die Groot Constantia-span trots om met ’n  merkwaardige 20 toekennings by die tiende herdenking van die Top 100 SA Wine Awards weg te stap.

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LtR Elizabeth George_Boela Gerber_Floricius Beukes_Cobus Wilson_Hansie Warries

Groot Constantia celebrates 335th birthday with Team Triumph

In commemorating their 335th year of uninterrupted wine production, Groot Constantia is proud to have received a stellar 20 awards at the tenth anniversary of the Top 100 SA Wine Awards.

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Groot Constantia committed to COVID-19 Corona Virus management efforts

On Sunday 12 July 2020 the State President has introduced new restrictions, including an immediate ban on alcohol sales, to help contain the spread of COVID19 virus that’s threatening the world population.

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Cape Town’s historic Groot Constantia Open For Wine Sales

To help replenish exhausted wine supplies after many weeks of lockdown that prohibited wine sales, Groot Constantia, which is nestled in the heart of Cape Town, is offering pre-packed mixed cases of their award-winning wines for sale – which are available for online purchase, or directly at the Estate. Safety remains a priority “Groot Constantia…

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Groot Constantia Cloete Cellar

A Message of Hope from one of the World’s Oldest Brands

Groot Constantia – A testimony to survival Two World Wars, the Boer war, the Great Depression, the Spanish Flu, the Bubonic Plague, the British invasion of Cape Town, The Great Storm of 1865, the earthquake of 1809, the Rinderpest, several droughts, fires and pestilence are just a few of the historic challenges that Groot Constantia,…

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SAWi Grand Wines Collection Awards

Groot Constantia Wines Win Big At 2020 SAWi Grand Wines Collection Awards

South African Wine Index (SAWi) has announced the winners of its annual Grand Wines Collection (GWC) awards and Groot Constantia has once again excelled this year.

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Jan Boland Coetzee

Wyn- en sportlegende met gesogte 1659-erepenning vereer

Die Stellenbosse wyn- en sportlegende Jan Boland Coetzee is op Donderdag 6 Februarie 2020 met die ikoniese 1659-erepenning vereer by die jaarlikse Wynoesherdenkingsgeleentheid op die geskiedkundige Groot Constantia-wynlandgoed in Kaapstad.

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Jan Boland Coetzee

Wine and sport legend honoured with 1659 medal of honour

Stellenbosch wine and sport legend Jan Boland Coetzee was honoured with the iconic 1659 medal of honour on Thursday 6 February 2020 at the annual Wine Harvest Commemorative event at the historic Groot Constantia Wine Estate in Cape Town.

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