Most of us will admit to conjuring up fond (and less fond) memories when we recognise a particular smell or a familiar site bolts us back to days gone by. Like the hearty stew that takes you right back to your grandmother’s kitchen, or seeing the ocean for the first time in ages as you drive to the coast?

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Boela Gerber: From humble expressions to greatness

The distinct aroma of freshly pressed grapes fills my being as I enter the slightly cool cellar at Groot Constantia on a cloudy Cape Town morning. I make a stop at the wine tasting counter enquiring about the man I came to see today.

I am told, in no uncertain terms, that I will find him in the cellar, busy with his wines…

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Thank You Freedom Day

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Freedom Day, other than the fact that is a public holiday that you can utilise for pretty much anything you want to do? 

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Is Cape Town, the mother of all winners?

Apart from drinking award winning wines at Groot Constantia, Cape Town makes for a destination that has something on offer for everyone!

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We Celebrate 355 Years of Winemaking in the Cape

As you sit down to enjoy your favourite label, whilst swirling the wine in your glass, holding it up against the light and savouring the aroma, do you ever wonder where it all began?

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