New face on the farm

Floricius Beukes joined the staff at Groot Constantia as Viticulturist and Farm Manager in March this year.

Farming is in his blood. He grew up on a farm in Caledon and although he studied Engineering, specifically Fluid Mechanics. It was not long before he got interested in the wine industry. He completed wine courses and has a Diploma in Wine.

At the moment he is completing his Wine Masters qualification and is waiting for the results. He comes to Groot Constantia from Klein Constantia and knows the terroir in Constantia extremely well. His views on natural farming and preserving the environment are compelling and thereby hangs a tale for another newsletter…

He and his wife live on the Estate and he says, “I really love it here, it is a privilege to work with the team at Groot Constantia. I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me.”


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