News from Cellar Master Boela Gerber

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Berlin Marathon

Boela was persuaded by Buitenverwachting’s Lars Maack to join him in running the Berlin Marathon. He is glad that he ran it but is not sure he will be doing another. He says “I was very lucky to run with Lars who knew the city well and was a very informed tour guide! With 40,000 people competing, the atmosphere was great! ”

Boela’s favourite tipple

When asked what his favourite wine is, Boela shows no hesitation in saying that the Shiraz 2008 closely followed by the Gouverneurs Reserve Red 2009 are his most-loved wines.

Visit to Asia

Recently returned from a visit to Asia with WOSA (Wines of South Africa) Boela was full of enthusiasm about this interesting experience. He was representing South Africa in tastings for the media, buyers and the hospitality industry. WOSA had organised Trade Fair in Guangdong in the Province of Guang Zhou where he spent some time. Boela met a cross section of people which gave him a fair idea of the Chinese culture which is very different from ours. Language was a bit of a barrier as not many of the Chinese spoke English; he enjoyed the spicy cuisine but found it difficult to match to wines. The Chinese are very partial to red wine and prefer it to white. Boela also visited Seoul in South Korea as well as Hong Kong. He says “Hong Kong is a fascinating city; it’s very busy and reminds me of New York.” He says that the hotels are fabulous with awesome rooms and spectacular restaurants which are quite affordable. He found the extreme poverty side by side with the prosperous to be an eye opener!