2020 is a year of reflection, opportunity and solutions. It is the year where, more than ever, the world can signal a strong will for a global framework that will “bend the curve” on biodiversity loss for the benefit of humans and all life on Earth.


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22 May 2020 is International Day for Biological Diversity

The theme of the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) on 22 May 2020 is “Our solutions are in nature”. The slogan emphasises hope, solidarity and the importance of working together at all levels to build a future of life in harmony with nature.


It is estimated that 95% of wine grown and production in South Africa takes place in the unique habitat of the Cape Floral Kingdom, so continuously striving to strike this delicate balance between nature and farming is essential. As custodians of the special land, Groot Constantia is committed to environmental conservation.


Groot Constantia Winelands False Bay


Groot Constantia has become a model for sustainability and over the last decade has taken various steps in order to become a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) South Africa Conservation Champion.


The WWF Conservation Champions are only officially recognised after an estate meets rigorous conservation criteria and long-term commitments as part of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI). Groot Constantia is today acknowledged as an environmental leader in the industry for its commitment to conservation, responsible production practices, integrated environmental management systems, and spearheading innovations in water, energy efficiency and climate adaptation.


As part of the BWI Groot Constantia has spent the past few years focused on:

  • Minimising the loss of threatened natural habitat;
  • Increasing the total area of well-managed natural habitat set aside;
  • Promoting changes in farming practices that enhance biodiversity, both in vineyards and surrounding natural areas; and
  • Positioning the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom – and the estate’s proactive stance to environmental sustainability and conservation – as an important selling point.


Groot Constantia manor house


Groot Constantia has stood the test of time for 335 years

Here are some of the initiatives we have undertaken over the years to make this special time on the Estate as safe and sustainable for furture generations and decades to come.


There are a number of environmentally friendly pest control measures used on the Estate to minimise impact on the local ecosystem and soil.


Over the last decade, the Estate has also introduced ladybirds to the farm to help control the mealybug population. The region fortunately also has a high bird population which includes owls and falcons that help control the rat population.


Hand with ladybird


Groot Constantia has successfully halved the amount of water it takes to produce a bottle of wine


South Africa is a water scarce country with half the world average rainfall and since the Cape water crisis a few years ago. By 2018, the Estate had reduced the amount of water required to make a litre of wine from 13.4 litres to 6.43 litres.

Consumers who would like to support these initiatives are encouraged to do so by purchasing Groot Constantia wines which feature the striking WWF Conservation Champion logo (a sugarbird on a protea) on the bottles.

WWF Conservation Champion logo

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