Thank You Freedom Day

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Thank You Freedom Day!

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Freedom Day, other than the fact that is a public holiday that you can utilise for pretty much anything you want to do?

As you enjoy your day off this year enjoying your FREEDOM, can you perhaps take a second to imagine what would have become of our country if it wasn’t for that historic day in 1994, a day that will be forever etched in the minds of each and every South African who lived to experience it?

This year, on 27 April, as we celebrate twenty years of democracy, much comes to mind. Memories of voter queues that were so long, people stood around blocks of neighbourhoods to make their mark. Who can forget Madiba’s face after his first democratic vote? It was a day, although not united yet by law, that people became united in spirit and purpose!

And that camaraderie, the common purpose for the greater good of our beautiful country, should be the legacy that we, as free South Africans, should strive to build upon.

Let’s come together South Africa!

In October of last year, LeadSA reported on the Minister of Arts and Culture, Paul Mashatile, who unveiled a digital countdown clock to Freedom Day in Soweto, where he called on all South Africans to “come together and participate in activities that promote a common South African consciousness.” He reiterated that this was “not a government campaign, but a coming together of South Africans from different walks of life, united in our effort to deepen national pride and celebrate all that is good about our country”

Groot Constantia’s Pledge

The wine industry certainly owes its rising prosperity to democracy. The export and other statistics alone are testimony to this.

And statistics are good and well, especially when taking into consideration that Groot Constantia is the oldest producing wine farm in the Western Cape, but statistics in isolation cannot paint a true picture of what it meant for the lives of the people involved in making it what it is today.

This year, Groot Constantia is celebrating this momentous occasion by honouring the Minister’s call to action. We pledge to support local charity Badisa Wynberg and would like to challenge our fellow South Africans to follow suit!

Watch our Twitter and Facebook feeds for “Random Acts of Kindness” (RAK) challenges and tweet your Freedom Day Celebrations Pledge on hash tag #GCFreedomDayRAK.

Use videos, photography, words, or whatever makes you feel FREE, think out the box and you could be in line to win a very special vintage!