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Wine Memories - 1971 PinotageAt the moment the oldest vintage of Pinotage our estate has is 1980 vintage and it is valued at R38 892.00. Jaco Louw recently opened one of the oldest and most expensive Groot Constantia wines, a 1971 Pinotage, which he enjoyed without knowing its value. We received this amazing email last week from Jaco Louw:

“I am not a wine collector, just love wine, especially reds. My wife bought a few cases of very old wine from the estate of one of her friends for R2000.

Most of these wines were past their best but still very enjoyable and interesting to drink. The other night I decided to tile behind the woodstove as a surprise for my wife, who is currently visiting friends overseas. It has been untiled for years and really getting her down.

As I don’t really do things the easy way, I bought some handmade, wonky, wobbly, uneven and different size tiles. On top of this I have never tiled in my life. So to make it interesting I start the job after work. 7 hours later just before midnight I get the job completed with much swearing.

At this point I feel that I need a glass of wine, so off I go to the box. I pour myself a glass, nose it and taste it. I am utterly amazed at the taste, thinking my senses are playing up with tiredness. But no, a few sips later it is still amazing.

At this point I realize I am drinking something very, very special. I Google and realize that I have just opened the most expensive bottle of wine of my life.

Thank you for the memory.”

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