Groot Constantia a WWF Conservation Champion

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Cape Town’s iconic heritage wine farm, Groot Constantia, is officially a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Conservation Champion.

This partnership with the Worldwide Fund for Nature is part of the Conservation Champions programme, which sees the South African wine industry and the conservation sector working together to promote awareness and drive participation in conservation-focused farming practices.

Floricius Beukes, Viticulturist and Estate Manager for Groot Constantia explains that 95% of wine growing takes place in South Africa in the unique habitat of the Cape Floral Kingdom, and so this balance between nature and farming is essential.

“Groot Constantia is committed to environmental conservation and to being a custodian of the land. We are aware of the vital need to conserve the Cape biodiversity and are very excited to be recognised by the WWF for our role as environmental industry leaders.”

WWF Conservation Champions are only officially recognised after meeting rigorous conservation criteria, and as part of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative Groot Constantia are focused on:

  • Minimising the loss of threatened natural habitat;
  • Increasing the total area of well-managed natural habitat set aside;
  • Promoting changes in farming practices that enhance biodiversity, both in vineyards and surrounding natural areas;
  • Positioning the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom – and the estate’s proactive stance to environmental sustainability and conservation – as an important selling point.

“Groot Constantia is celebrating 333 years of uninterrupted wine production this year – making the estate the oldest wine producer in South Africa,” says Jean Naudé, General Manager of Groot Constantia. “Groot Constantia has been a custodian of our wine production history for many years, and now this recognition by the WWF for our efforts in environmental conservation is a great start to our 2018 birthday celebrations.”

Consumers can look out for the striking WWF Conservation Champion logo – featuring a sugarbird on a protea – on the Groot Constantia wine bottles.

For more information visit or connect with Groot Constantia via social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @GrootConstantia.